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Comprhensive Tax Services in Charlotte, NC.

At Parsons CPA, PLLC, our primary objective in providing tax services for business owners and individuals in Charlotte is helping them enjoy greater tax savings. With our ability to use our tax expertise creatively, our team of CPAs and financial professionals can help business owners and private taxpayers find new ways of meeting regulations and keeping more of their own money to put back into growing their enterprises or families.

Reducing Tax Liabilities -- Growing Businesses

Your tax plan is an essential part of intelligently managing funds as a business owner. Without an in-depth review of your current tax strategy and keeping a mindful eye on a myriad of tax due dates, you are more likely to overpay or wind up owing large amounts in fees and penalties. While business taxes can be complicated, our Charlotte CPA firm works alongside you to help you save the most money possible on your tax return.

Parsons CPA, PLLC help business owners make tax elections that are sensible for their entity and vertical, with an eye on how increased future profitability can change tax amounts and what your tax obligations look like on a year-round basis. Our small business accountants can also help companies change their current structure to reduce personal liability on individual tax returns and reap the most benefit from the formation of partnerships or corporations. 

Estate Minimization for Individual Taxpayers

While many individual taxpayers may have straight-forward enough tax returns, there are instances that can quickly complicate your taxes and leave a sizeable amount of money on the table for the IRS to pocket. Matters of managing funds and assets associated with an estate are one of the most common instances of these personal tax complications. However, our team is experienced in minimizing estate taxes for individual taxpayers who are planning on passing their assets to family members. Parsons CPA, PLLC utilizes estate tax exemptions and factors life insurance or the transfer of assets into your estate taxes to ensure that liabilities and tax responsibility are minimized. 

IRS Defense in the Event of Business Tax Audits 

If you’ve received a notice from the IRS that your tax return is being audited, take the first step in intelligently handling your audit case by calling our Charlotte tax preparation firm immediately. With our knowledge of the tax code and skill in working with the IRS, we can complete the audit process on your behalf and communicate with the IRS, so you don’t have to deal with the headache on your own. 

Learn More Tax Planning and Preparation - Contact Us for Your Consultation 

Our team offers free tax reviews for both businesses and individuals, to better determine how we can best save your hard-earned money and utilized creative solutions to your more challenging tax hurdles. We are adept at spotting errors, omissions, and avenues for correcting and reducing prior year taxes. 

For more information on what our Charlotte tax professionals can do for you, contact us today for your consultation and review.

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