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Financial Audits

Financial and Performance Audits in Charlotte

Compliance is a significant part of what keeps your business thriving year after year. If you are not keeping up with appropriate tax regulations or standards for financial reporting, you could be risking fines, fees, and penalties that jeopardize the stability of your company. At Parsons, CPA, our Charlotte CPAs are experienced in the provision of financial audits of varying degrees of assurance to ensure that you are working within the lines of what is required for your organization at all times. 

Financial Audits

We provide diverse audit services on a routine basis to meet the needs of a range of business entities. With the appropriate audit, business owners are ensured that technology, employee benefits, and financial reports are properly set up and managed. 

SOC Audits

A SOC or service organization control audit is a way for our financial professionals to verify the proper operation of internal financial processes and even technology controls at your company.  In this audit, we measure compliance with financial reporting standards, evaluate and mitigate risk by looking for financial misstatements, and verify how information is processed and protected. As data security is also an issue in modern workplace culture, our SOC audits can also be technology audits, where our team determines how reports are generated by third party software or services. This audit allows us to provide a level of assurance that financial information was compiled and reported properly and accurately.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits & 401(k) Audits

Part and parcel of offering benefits for employees, including 401(k)s and retirement packages, involves having the plan’s financials audited by an outside professional. Parsons, CPA provides ERISA audits and 401(k) audits in Charlotte for businesses whose plans cover 100 employees or more.  Our financial audit professionals go over data included in reports to make sure that information fits with tax compliance, defines contributions to ensure that employees are receiving necessary funds, and to minimize company liability. An ERISA or 401(k) audit ensures that all money allocated to employee benefit plans is properly dispersed and accounted for.


Financial Statement Audits and Reviews

We help your company create a picture of its financial health and current standing with financial statement audits and reviews. These reports are generated on a routine basis per client need and can be provided to third parties for confidence in securing loans or additional financing that your business needs to grow. By having your financial information audited and reviewed by Parsons, CPA, you can provide assurance to investors that you are a financially sound and worthwhile investment. 

All of our audit services are completed with the goal of identifying what needs to change at an organization to improve compliance. With over 25 years of experience in ERISA  and 401K audits, as well as 20 years in SOC audits for some of the most rapidly growing technologies in the Carolinas, our professionals are able to protect your company and your employees through comprehensive audit services. 

Learn More about Financial and Organizational Control Audits

For more information about audit services in Charlotte from Parsons, CPA, contact us today for your consultation. We work as your full-service partner for business success and are here to encourage your company’s financial wellness through a variety of financial and performance audits. 

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